Funeral Services


At Funerária Clássica, in Lisbon, we have at your disposal the following services


  • 24-hour service
  • Funerals, repatriations, cremations, exhumations
  • Funerals from 390.12 € (Decreto-Lei nº 206/2001)
  • National and international service
  • Purchase, sale, maintenance and cleaning of deposits
  • Handling of social security processes for free
  • Contracts in life with special conditions
  • Special conditions for various companies, unions, associations, and other institutions
  • Special conditions for users of the "Cartão 65"
  • Free interest-free credit up to 12 months EAR 0%
  • Special Conditions for Senior Insurance Groupama

Innovative Services


  • Memory Diamond
  • Launching ash from sailboat
  • Mobility service for family and friends
  • Classical music with orchestra or keyboardist and soloist